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    Top 6 ways to find cheap tickets


    Book early

    Looking for the cheapest flights? Start searching early, at least 3 to 6 months in advance of your planned departure. After that, prices tend to increase gradually and increase dramatically subject to availability; the less availability the higher the prices. Book domestic tickets 3 months in advance and international tickets 6 months in advance or more before you plan to travel.


    Combine discount airfares

    Low Cost Airlines are popular for their perceived cheaper fares. will include as many low cost airlines as possible in all search results. It can also sometimes be cheaper to combine two one-way discount airfares for a round-trip journey. For example, you might be able to save up to 70% on a trip to Miami by flying Southwest one way and JetBlue the other. Look for one-way prices and combine the two opportunities.


    Stay flexible

    More cheap airlines fares are available if your travel dates are flexible by 2 or 3 days. Flights on Monday with business travelers taking up all the availability are typically higher and are cheaper in the middle of the week and / or if you have a Saturday night stay-over in the itinerary. Tickets increase over school holidays and long holiday weekends but low cost deals would still be available if you book far in advance.


    Set Flight Alerts on your Flight Routes

    It's hard to keep an eye on the ever-changing airfares, so relax and give yourself a break by creating a liligo "price alert" on That way, if you have flexibility you'll know when is the right time to book from the Liligo daily, weekly or custom price alert emails delivered to your inbox.


    Use mobile apps

    There's no better use of your commute time than dreaming up your next vacation destination. keeps up with your travel impulses from your device of choice: iPhone, iPad and even Android. Download the mobile app for free and search for cheap domestic and international flights wherever, whenever.


    Added Baggage Fees

    Also try to remember that low cost is not always the best fare when you add baggage and other fees. You should also consider comfort and what you are willing to accept as low cost typically means less service and comfort. Nonetheless, will give you the tools to help make the best possible purchasing decision for you.



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