London at Christmas

London boasts an impressive program all year round, but Christmas is when you can really see it shine. Check out our favorite festivities in the capital city this Christmas.


Hotel boom in London

The number of hotel rooms are due to increase by 12 percent by 2018, focusing on budget accommodation and five star rooms in the capital city.


The best destinations for New Year’s Eve

There’s so much pressure surrounding New Year’s Eve. It’s meant to be the best night of the year and more often than not it’s a disappointment. Guarantee yourself an amazing New Year’s Eve in one of our favorite NY destinations.


The Coolest Film Locations in Europe

It’s not hard to understand why the big guns at the film production companies pick Europe as their firm film location choice. From Harry Potter to The DaVinci Code, we’ve picked the best cities in Europe to visit where you might just experience some déjà vu.