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Cheap flights: compare hundreds of travel sites with liligo.com to find cheap airline tickets

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What are the destinations with the cheapest flights?

Las Vegas

Price per person all taxes included; found in the last 7 days on liligo.com.

Compare the best flight deals

Best available price per person, including all taxes and surcharges. Price found in the last 30 days on Liligo.com

Tips and tricks for finding the cheapest flights

Book your flights early

Looking for the cheapest flights? Start searching well in advance of your planned date of departure. Prices tend to increase gradually but will increase dramatically once availability starts to run low; the less availability the higher the prices. Book domestic tickets 3 months in advance and international tickets 6 months in advance to be sure of getting the best deals.

Combine low cost fares

Low Cost Airlines are popular for their perceived cheaper fares. liligo.com will include as many low cost airlines as possible. It can also sometimes be cheaper to combine two one-way discount airfares for a round-trip journey. For example, you might be able to save up to 70% on a trip to Miami by flying Southwest one way and JetBlue the other. Look for one-way prices and combine the two options.

Keep your dates flexible

More cheap airline fares are available if your travel dates are flexible. On Mondays flights are typically more expensive, with business travelers taking up all the availability. Flights are usually cheaper in the middle of the week or if you have a Saturday night lay-over in the itinerary. Ticket fares increase over school vacation and long weekends but low cost deals could still be available if you book in advance.

Get notified when prices drop

It's hard to keep an eye on the ever-changing airfares, so relax and give yourself a break by creating a price alert on liligo.com. That way you'll know when is the right time to book from the Liligo daily, weekly or custom price alert emails delivered to your inbox.

Plan on the go with our apps

Plan your vacation on the go, anywhere and anytime, using our iOS and Android apps. Download the mobile app for free to search and compare cheap domestic and international flights, buses or trains.

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How does liligo.com work?

Search hundreds of sites

Find airline tickets that meet your needs using liligo.com. Hundreds of travel sites and 600 airlines - including 70 low cost and all the charters - all in one place.

Plan your whole trip with liligo.com

Organize your holiday from start to finish on liligo.com: from booking your flight, train or bus tickets to locating the perfect hotel and renting a car. Find travel deals to the best destinations around the world!

Innovative and free services

Have a budget but no destination in mind? Play around with our 'best deals' map: a useful tool that shows you the cheapest flights according to your travel preferences. Don't have time to search and compare flights every day? Set up a fare alert and follow the changing prices from your inbox.

Is liligo.com free to use?

liligo.com is completely free for the user, because it is not a travel agency and does not sell a thing. We simply search for the best deals and redirect you to the supplier whose offer you're interested in. You can filter your results based on price, duration, transportation type and more!