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Depart from the following stations in Lyon: Lyon-Part-Dieu Railway Station, Lyon Perrache Railway Station, Lyon-Part-Dieu Railway Station, Lyon-Perrache Railway Station, Lyon Saint-Exupéry Railway Station, Lyon Toutes gares, Lyon Vaise Railway Station, Lyon-Gorge-de-Loup Railway Station, Lyon-Jean-Macé Railway Station, Lyon-Saint-Clair Railway Station, Lyon-Saint-Paul Railway Station. In Geneva you can find these train stations: Geneva Cornavin Railway Station, Geneve Toutes gares, Geneve E V, Geneva Airport Railway Station.

Why should you travel from Lyon to Geneva by train? Some reasons include: The central location of the train station in Lyon means it's easy to reach your point of departure. During your journey you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes in Switzerland. Before you know it, you've arrived at the train station in Geneva to begin your trip.