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Taking the train from Rome to Florence is a fast and affordable way to travel between two beautiful cities in Italy. There are a number of options available for those who want to reach Florence by rail with both the high speed Le Frecce service and regional trains available from operators Trenitalia and ItaliaRail.

What train companies operate the route from Rome to Florence?

To reach Florence from Rome, you can travel with the high speed Le Frecce service or by regional train. These are operated by Trenitalia and ItaliaRail.

What is the timetable for trains from Rome to Florence?

Trains from Rome to Florence run on a daily basis with multiple services departing for Florence every hour. Services with ItaliaRail commence at around 6am and run until 9pm; services with Trenitalia begin at around 8am with the last service leaving Rome at midnight.

Which train stations does the service stop at?

When traveling with the Le Frecce high speed service from Rome to Florence, the route is direct meaning there are no stops along the way. Alternatively, traveling on a regional service allows you the opportunity to stop off in charming Italian destinations such as Orvieto, Arezzo and San Giovanni Valdarno.

How long is the route by train from Rome to Florence?

The train route from Rome to Florence is 162 miles long. The Le Frecce high speed rail service travels along this route at a speed of up to 186 miles per hour.

How long does it take to travel from Rome to Florence by train?

Traveling from Rome to Florence can take as little as 90 minutes when traveling with the high speed rail service! Traveling on a regional train takes a little longer, with journey times of around 3.45 hours. Flights from Rome to Florence take 55 minutes while bus journey times are 3 and a half hours. Driving takes about 3 hours however traffic can increase journey times – something travelers won't need to consider when traveling by train!

Why should you travel by train from Rome to Florence?

One of the top reasons to travel by train from Rome to Florence is the opportunity to see much of the stunning Italian countryside on your journey. Passing through central Italy, cities such as Orvieto and Arezzo can be seen. Taking the high speed train service is a fast, comfortable and efficient way to travel from city to city. Train stations are centrally located in both Rome and Florence so there's no need for a long commute out to the airport! The great fares available are another awesome reason to choose train travel on your trip from Rome to Florence. Fares start as low as $24 one way and advance reservation is mandatory on the high speed Le Frecce service.

What is there to see and do in Florence?

Tuscany's capital city, Florence (Firenze in Italian) offers a great array of things to see and do. The Duomo is one of the city's most iconic landmarks and visitors can climb to the top of its dome for breathtaking views over Florence or to the top of the adjacent Bell Tower, for stunning views of the Duomo itself. See the city on two wheels by renting a bicycle to explore Florence's charming streets, check out the street art and visit the Santa Trinita Basilica for a dose of culture. Another thing to do in Florence? Eat! Drink Italian espresso, shop in a local food market and make sure to taste the delicious Italian gelato – Florence is said to be the birthplace of gelato.