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Commenting on the blogs of is open to everyone. It allows readers of the Traveler’s Blog to share opinions on articles, add relevant information and exchange ideas on the topics presented in the articles with other readers.

Comments posted are immediately visible on the web. They are moderated at a later time so it is very important to respect the rules and basic principles below.
By commenting on the Traveler’s Blog, you agree not to distribute material that is:

  • abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, threatening
  • racist, homophobic, sexual
  • intended to sell or promote a product, paying service or website (advertising)
  • unintelligent, irrelevant or posted to several articles at the same time
  • includes URLs for the promotion or better ranking of a site
  • diverting the topic of the article for promotion or advertisement of a tourist product.

This list is not complete. We will also remove your comment if you use brand names or products in place of your name or pen name. reserves the right to delete any comments that do not follow the conditions stated above. If you do not respect our conditions for posting comments then you will be immediately banned from posting in the future. The IP addresses of those who post comments are recorded in order to help enforce these conditions.

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