New York Christmas

5 Things To Do In New York At Christmas

This Christmas, visit the epicenter of the festive season, the heavy weight champion of the winter wonderland – New York City. We reveal the best places to visit this year for the all encompassing Christmas experience.

winter beach

Top 5 US Beaches to Visit This Fall

Summer is not the only time for a beach break: check out our favorite beaches to visit out of season. Take in the fresh sea air and you’ll soon forget about the lack of hot sun that warmed the beaches only a few months earlier!


The Craziest Laws from around the World

It’s important to know and abide the laws in the countries you are going to visit. However some of the laws still existing are just a bit crazy. Check out some of these outdated laws that are, surprisingly, still on the books today.


Snorkeling with Florida manatees

The endangered manatees have rose in popularity and are now a huge attraction for US tourists. If you would like to swim or snorkel with these friendly giants, read our article which gives you an insight into these creatures.