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Where to rent a car in Atlanta

If Southern hospitality and charm is something that makes you weak at the knees then the capital of the New South, Atlanta, will be right up your street. Often referred to as a small town trapped in a big city – Atlanta is the perfect balance between a buzzing atmosphere and personal touch.

Atlanta is very spread out, so you really should rent a car. If you’re arriving in Atlanta by plane you can pick up your rental car at one of the many companies located at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Avis, Budget, Hertz and Dollar all have counters inside the terminal. can also help you find car rentals close to your hotel, it’s worth noting that prices differ from outlet to outlet (even from the same car dealer) so it’s always worth searching to find the cheapest deal.

Driving in Atlanta: what you have to know

Like most areas it is advised that you avoid driving during rush hour. The traffic in Atlanta is pretty bad at any point of the day – but rush hour is notorious and should be avoided at all costs. Atlanta drivers are known for weaving in and out of traffic; so be sure to keep your wits about you and concentrate on the roads.

Little tip: Atlanta love their peaches and as such like to name things Peachtree (Street, Avenue, Road), be aware that they are all different as this can be confusing for some tourists.

Road trips from Atlanta: what to do, what to see

Toccoa Falls

The South’s answer to the Niagara Falls is definitely worth a visit. The stunning 186ft drop plunges the water into an equally magical canyon. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, grab your hiking shoes, pack a picnic lunch and find a beautiful wooded spot to enjoy your surroundings and company.


You can imagine the scene: lone aspiring country music singer arriving in downtown Nashville, straight off the bus, wide eyed with awe and excitement, ready to take on the world … I’m sure we’ve seen this movie before.

Nashville is more than just its cowboy-boots and honky-tonk bars, with the recent influx of young people there’s new establishments, projects and entertainment popping up everywhere. There’s a real sense of fusion between the tradition country music scene and the youth that is arriving to shake things up – which makes for a buzzing atmosphere.

With just 4 hour drive from Seattle, Nashville is a must see.

Brasstown Bald

Only 2 hours and 30 minute drive away, the highest mountain in Georgia is worth the climb. When you reach the observation deck, located 5,000ft above sea level, you can enjoy the perfect 360-degree view of Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Oh, and whilst you’re up there you can up your selfie game and snap the perfect mountain selfie!

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$40 per day Verify
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Mystery Car Compact Special, Special, Auto
$39 per day Verify
  • 4
  • 1
Mitsubishi Mirage Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
$42 per day Verify
  • 5
Ford Fusion FullSize, 2/4 Door, Auto
$44 per day Verify
  • 5
Nissan Frontier Intermediate, Pick Up Regular, Auto
$47 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 3
Nissan Versa Compact, 2/4 Door, Auto
$50 per day Verify
  • 4
  • 1
Chevrolet Spark Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
Routes Car Rentals
$52 per day Verify
  • 5
Toyota Corolla Intermediate, 2/4 Door, Auto
$59 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 4
Toyota Camry FullSize, 2/4 Door, Auto
$61 per day Verify
  • 4
  • 3
Toyota Yaris Ia Compact, 2/4 Door, Auto
$64 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 2
Buick Encore Economy, SUV, Auto
$67 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 3
Ford Focus Compact, 2/4 Door, Auto
$74 per day Verify
  • 5
Volkswagen Jetta Standard, 2/4 Door, Auto
$77 per day Verify
  • 5
Mazda 3 Intermediate, 2/4 Door, Auto
$85 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 4
Volkswagen Jetta Standard, 4/5 Door, Auto
$105 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 1
Ford Fiesta Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
$108 per day Verify
  • 5
Chevrolet Malibu FullSize, 4/5 Door, Auto
$111 per day Verify
Kia Rio Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
$197 per day Verify
Hyundai Veloster Economy, 4/5 Door, Auto
$213 per day Verify
Wild Card Special, Special, Auto

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United Airlinesoutbound: Nov 24, 2021
direct (2h01m)
United Airlines
United Airlinesreturn: Nov 30, 2021
direct (2h02m)
United Airlines
SATA Internationaloutbound: Nov 17, 2021
1 stop (23h31m)
SATA International
SATA Internationalreturn: Nov 19, 2021
1 stop (6h23m)
SATA International
Frontier Airlinesoutbound: Dec 20, 2021
direct (2h06m)
Frontier Airlines
Frontier Airlinesreturn: Dec 29, 2021
direct (2h25m)
Frontier Airlines
American Airlinesoutbound: Oct 10, 2021
1 stop (4h55m)
American Airlines
Spirit Airlinesreturn: Oct 17, 2021
direct (2h23m)
Spirit Airlines
JetBlueoutbound: Nov 25, 2021
1 stop (12h17m)
JetBluereturn: Nov 28, 2021
direct (2h07m)
Delta Air Linesoutbound: Oct 14, 2021
direct (1h13m)
Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Linesreturn: Oct 17, 2021
direct (1h16m)
Delta Air Lines