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What you should know before hiring a car in Dzaoudzi

Dzaoudzi city centre
Dzaoudzi-Pamandzi Marcel Henry International Airport (DZA): 5 km from city centre

Practical information

Where to rent a car in Dzaoudzi?

The commune of Dzaoudzi is comprised of two towns: Dzaoudzi and Labattoir. It is located on the island of Petite-Terre in Mayotte, a French overseas department which can be found off the coast of east Africa. Dzaoudzi is served by Dzaoudzi–Pamandzi International Airport, at which a number of car rental companies can be found. Traveling around Dzaoudzi by rental car is a great way to ensure freedom of schedule, allowing visitors to explore the area on their own timetable. Car rental companies operating in Dzaoudzi include Europcar. As well as renting a car at the airport, there are also taxis available to transport travelers into Dzaoudzi itself.

Driving in Dzaoudzi: parking and other tips

When driving in Dzaoudzi, pay attention to the rules of the road (including driving on the right) and drive with care. Road conditions can vary, so driving during daylight hours is the best way to ensure you don't hit any pot holes! Parking can be found at Dzaoudzi–Pamandzi International Airport; alternatively, book a hotel with parking in which to leave your rental car. A number of popular tourist sites may also offer parking, however check ahead to be sure. While many hotels will organize private transfers to and from the airport, renting a car will allow for more flexibility when it comes to exploring the island of Petite-Terre. Visitors wishing to rent a car in Dzaoudzi will need an International Driver's License.

Road trips from Dzaoudzi

Located on the small island of Petite-Terre, renting a car in Dzaoudzi allows visitors to explore much of the island at their own pace. Meanwhile, the larger island in Mayotte – Grande-Terre - is home to a range of interesting attractions and makes for an interesting road trip destination.


Located on the island of Petite-Terre, Labattoir is just a few miles from the town of Dzaoudzi. The nearby Lake Dziani is well worth a visit and can be found in a volcano crater; Moya Beach is another must-see area near Dzaoudzi and offers parking as well as beautiful ocean views.


Located on Grande Terre, the main island of Mayotte, Mamoudzou is the island's capital city and can be reached from Dzaoudzi by car ferry. Rent a car in Dzaoudzi before heading off to explore Grande Terre, with Mamoudzou as your first stop along the way. In the city, visit the Marché Couvert market; the Mtsapéré Mosque; and the Notre-Dame de Fatima church. Then, drive out of the city to relax on nearby beaches such as Plage du Phare.

Grande Terre

Grand Terre is the larger of Mayotte's two islands – however, it is still small enough to be explored by rental car in a short space of time. Take the ferry from Dzaoudzi to Mamoudzou, before driving further into Grande Terre to explore all the island has to offer. Mont Choungui offers hiking and panoramic views; N'Gouja is a beautiful beach in the south of the island; and the village of Mtsangadoua, found in the north of Mayotte, offers a peaceful retreat by the sea.

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