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A large island situated, for the most part, above the Arctic Circle, Greenland is largely unoccupied thanks to much of its surface being covered in ice. The majority of its population (which, as of 2016, was just over 55,000) lives on the country's southern coast. The capital city of Greenland is Nuuk, which is also home to Nuuk Airport, where the country's flag carrier airline of Air Greenland has its headquarters. Greenland is technically a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, however enjoys a large amount of autonomy.

Greenland is popular for its stunning natural landscapes and natural phenomena, such as the Northern Lights. Visitors to the country can also enjoy whale watching; visits to icebergs; hiking; and the opportunity to see the Midnight Sun during summer. However, thanks in part to its ice covered surface, there is no real road or rail system in Greenland – and therefore, near enough no car rental companies. Instead, the best way to explore the country and travel from town to town is by air or, for a limited part of the year, by boat.

What are the driving rules in Greenland?

While driving between towns and cities in Greenland is almost impossible, thanks to the lack of a road network, the capital city of Nuuk can be explored by car. Speed limits vary but are usually 40km/h. Headlights must be used at all times, as must seatbelts, while the use of cell phones while driving is prohibited.

Road trips in Greenland

As there is no road network in Greenland, it's almost impossible to take a road trip around the country. Nevertheless, it remains a fascinating country to visit! Here are our three top destinations in Greenland.


Located on the southwest coast of Greenland, Nuuk is the country's capital city. Check out the Greenland National Museum and Archives the Nuuk Art Museum and the Nuuk Cathedral, before heading off to enjoy some of the area's stunning natural attractions. Surrounded by fjords and mountains, in the summer months visitors can rent a boat and explore by water. The nearby Sermitsiaq mountain is a popular option for hiking and breath taking views, while the nearby fjord of Qooqqut is just one hour away by boat and a popular day trip for both locals and visitors.


The town of Ilulissat can be found in western Greenland, and is home to the well-known Ilulissat Icefjord, which also boasts UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Indeed, the town is best known for its icebergs, and visitors can enjoy boat trips and hiking in the area to make the most of its natural beauty. There's also dog sledding and whale watching to enjoy, while the town is also known for its delicious local cuisine.


Home to Kangerlussuaq Airport, one of Greenland's few international airports, Kangerlussuaq is located in western Greenland. Home to the Russel Glacier and Kangerlussuaq Glacier, visitors can enjoy helicopter tours to see Greenland's stunning landscape from above, as well as expeditions out onto the Greenland Ice Sheet. Kangerlussuaq is also a great place from which to watch the Northern Lights, which can be seen between September through April.

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