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What you should know before hiring a car in Lisbon

Lisbon city centre
Lisbon Humberto Delgado International Airport (LIS): 7 km from city centre

Practical information

Where to rent a car in Lisbon?

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and is located on the country's eastern coast, overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. It is served by Humberto Delgado Airport (also known as Lisbon Airport), which operates international and domestic flights. From the airport, visitors can choose from a number of transport options to reach the city center, including bus, taxi and rental car. Planning to explore not just Lisbon, but the surrounding areas on your trip to Portugal? A number of train stations in Lisbon, such as Lisboa - Rossio and Santa Apolonia offer connections by rail to the rest of the country. However, opting to rent a car is a great way to access other Portuguese destinations without having to rely on public transport timetables. There are a number of car rental companies to choose from in Lisbon, including Bravacar, Drive & Go, Avis, Budget and Rhodium.

Driving in Lisbon: parking and other tips

Driving in Lisbon can be a memorable experience to say the least! The city's narrow, cobblestone streets can be challenging to navigate, and It's important to pay attention to the road at all times. However, renting a car in Lisbon is a great way to explore the areas surrounding the city. One option, therefore, is to explore Lisbon itself on foot and using public transport, before renting a car to enjoy a road trip around the nearby towns and cities.

When driving in Portugal, drive on the right and abide by the speed limit. This is usually 50km/h on urban roads; 90km/h on open, rural roads; and 120km/h on the motorway. While on-street parking in Lisbon is rare and not recommended, thanks to the city's narrow streets, there are a number of parking lots and underground car parks in which to park your rental car both safely and easily.

Road trips from Lisbon

Discover the beaches, towns and cities of Portugal with our top three road trip destinations to visit by rental car from Lisbon.


Around 175 miles from Lisbon by road, the city of Faro stands on the south coast of Portugal. The capital city of the Algarve region of Portugal, a road trip from Lisbon to Faro encompasses a number of interesting stop offs along the way. Towns and villages such as Sesimbra and Evora make for interesting destinations along the road, before you arrive in your destination of Faro. The city is home to a number of attractions, including the Old Town with its impressive Arco da Vila; Faro Cathedral; and the Museu Regional Do Algarve.

Serra da Arrabida National Park

For an incredibly scenic road trip with ocean views and hilly landscapes, head out of Lisbon to the nearby Serra da Arrabida National Park along the beautiful Estrada de Escarpa road. Around 24 miles from Lisbon by car, the National Park is home to beaches including the Portinho da Arrábida and the Praia dos Galapinhos, as well as a wide variety of interesting flora and fauna. Its proximity to Lisbon makes it a great day trip by rental car from the city, while its natural beauty offers visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Located just under 200 miles north of Lisbon, the coastal city of Porto stands not far from Portugal's border with Spain. As its name may suggest, the city is known for its port wine, and visitors traveling by car can enjoy a drive around the nearby Douro wine region. In the city itself, be sure to visit attractions such as the Dom Luis Bridge; the Palácio da Bolsa; and the Church of São Francisco. Don't miss a trip to the historic Ribeira district, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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