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Rent a car in Miami

Where to rent a car in Miami

Is there any city more glamorous than Miami? We can’t think of one and it’s no wonder they call this place “Magic City,” it’s totally spell-binding! Ready to heel your way around Lincoln Road and around Biscayne Bay? A rental car is absolutely essential when visiting Miami, so compare the offers on before you fly to Miami to find the best price for your car hire.

Miami Airport is the easiest place to pick your car up from. Choose from Avis, Budget, Thrifty, Hertz and Enterprise. E-Z Rent-A-Car and Ace Rent A Car are located outside of the airport terminal.

You can also rent a car from downtown Miami. Keep in mind, however, that there is usually less choice when it comes to car rentals in the city compared to the airport. It can also be more expensive, so it pays to compare using a car search engine beforehand.

Driving in Miami: what you need to know

Miami drivers are really rude; you’ll figure that out quite quickly when you start driving around Miami. They also love to honk their horns… so try not to take it personal if it happens to you. Make sure you get a GPS for your car rental; Miami has a very annoying habit of giving all major roads more than one name so it’s easy to get lost here, even if you have directions. For example, Bird Road is also SW 40th Street and Highway 976.

Parking in Miami is really easy. There are plenty of signs as well as meters for paying. There is plenty of parking available downtown and even in South Beach (except on holiday weekend evenings when the place is hopping!). Most Miami parking meters now accept credit cards so you don’t have to worry about always having cash on you to feed the meter.

Road trips from Miami: what to see and do

Miami Beach

We will just assume you’ve picked Miami for its beaches, so make sure Miami Beach is at the top of your list. Miami Beach is where your beach vacation officially begins. Long, white sandy beaches fronted by seafood restaurants, cafes and bars are just the start. Why not tour the coast’s blue waters on board a stunning yacht? Enjoy the beach life by day, soaking up all those rays, and by night, join the party! The nightlife here rivals any other city in the country and is a favorite among the rich and famous, including celebs.

Everglades National Park

Have you ever been introduced to a crocodile? Now could be your chance! Everglades National Park is the third largest park in the country. It’s a really wild place and it comes as no surprise that visitors are advised not to try to take a selfie with a crocodile… unless they’re willing to lose a limb or their selfie stick. It’s an easy 1-hour drive from the city.

South Beach

There is plenty to see and do in South Beach but one of the first things you’ll notice about this place is the art-deco architecture. Before finding a place to park your rental car for the day, take a little drive around. Head south along Ocean Drive, starting from 18th Street. The tropical Americana hotels are what give this city its “Miami” feel. Today, they’re beautifully preserved, a far cry from the 1980s when this place was crawling with druggies and full of crime.

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$17 per day Verify
  • 5
Toyota Yaris Economy, 4/5 Door, Auto
$19 per day Verify
  • 5
Chevrolet Spark Mini, 4/5 Door, Auto
$33 per day Verify
  • 4
Kia Rio Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
$34 per day Verify
  • 5
Honda Civic Compact, 4/5 Door, Auto
$34 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 3
Nissan Versa Compact, 4/5 Door, Auto
$36 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 4
Toyota Camry FullSize, 2/4 Door, Auto
$39 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 2
Ford Fiesta Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
Aco Rent A Car
$41 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 4
Hyundai Accent Compact, 4/5 Door, Auto
Right Cars
$41 per day Verify
Special Unspecified Make And Model Special, Special, Auto
$44 per day Verify
  • 5
Ford Focus Compact, 2/4 Door, Auto
$50 per day Verify
  • 5
Nissan Sentra Intermediate, 4/5 Door, Auto
$54 per day Verify
  • 5
Ford Escape Intermediate, SUV, Auto
Ace Rental Cars
$57 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 3
Nissan Juke Compact, SUV, Auto
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
$58 per day Verify
Mitsubishi Mirage Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
$62 per day Verify
  • 4
Ford Mustang Standard, Convertible, Auto
$62 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 4
Chevrolet Malibu FullSize, 4/5 Door, Auto
$63 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 3
Cheverlot Spark Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
$64 per day Verify
  • 5
Volkswagen Jetta Standard, 4/5 Door, Auto
$69 per day Verify
  • 5
Toyota Tacoma Standard, Pick Up Regular, Auto
$70 per day Verify
Kia Soul Compact, 2/4 Door, Auto

Find a cheap flight to Miami

Spirit Airlinesoutbound: Aug 20, 2021
1 stop (23h02m)
Spirit Airlines
Frontier Airlinesreturn: Aug 22, 2021
1 stop (22h05m)
Frontier Airlines
United Airlinesoutbound: Aug 10, 2021
direct (2h56m)
United Airlines
United Airlinesreturn: Aug 14, 2021
direct (3h13m)
United Airlines
American Airlinesoutbound: Nov 24, 2021
1 stop (7h04m)
American Airlines
American Airlinesreturn: Nov 27, 2021
direct (2h53m)
American Airlines
American Airlinesoutbound: Nov 27, 2021
direct (2h48m)
American Airlines
Spirit Airlinesreturn: Jan 5, 2022
1 stop (26h27m)
Spirit Airlines