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Sacramento city centre
Sacramento International Airport (SMF): 15 km from city centre

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Where to rent a car in Sacramento

California’s capital city offers a range of exciting and historic attractions that will make you glad you gave this former cow town a chance. It’s a great destination for families; the kids can enjoy the wild animals at the zoo whilst the parents polish up on their political history by exploring the Governor’s Mansion, park and museum on California history.

If you’re flying into Sacramento International Airport (SMF) you can reach the SMF car rental terminal via the on-site shuffle. Make sure you use a travel search engine like to rent a car to ensure you find the cheapest deal possible before you take your cheap flight to Sacramento.

Driving in Sacramento: what you need to know

California is made for road trips. The bustling city is best explored in a rental car, especially a convertible for extra style. Roll the hood down and cruise over to the Sacramento delta, park up and watch the wonder which is a California sunset from the comfort of your car.

The road network is relatively easy to navigate; there are plenty of good-quality highways and freeways in California. California law states that everyone in a vehicle must wear a seatbelt, and abide by the speed limit (usually 65mph on multi-lane freeways and 55mp h on two-lane highways.) The speed limits are posted in miles per hour. The speed limit on the city streets is usually 35 mph, 25mph in residential areas.

Road trips from Sacramento: what to see and do

Lake Tahoe

With 300 days of sunshine, Lake Tahoe is a dream for the sun worshipers and outdoor fanatics. In the summer months there are plenty of activities that will get the adrenaline running: swimming, kayaking and windsurfing take advantage of the beautiful water.
In the wintertime the scenes are stunning as a layer of snow tops the mountains. But whether its sun or snow the lake is majestically peaceful and a great place to catch up with friends and embrace nature.


If you’re a wine connoisseur, or are just really good at drinking wine, you should visit the self-proclaimed wine country. You can relax in a winery, sipping wine outside where it has been grown, harvested and fermented. Visit the historic Benziger vineyard managed by eight family members who control every aspect of the winemaking. Their businesses values are family, great wine and healthy vineyards.

San Francisco

There’s so much to see in this city, you might find yourself transfixed by the many breathtaking views: hilltops, bridges, beaches there’s always something to look at and fall in love with. But be careful, time will fall away from you and there’s so much to see in the city.

San Francisco has some great speakeasies and vintage saloons for you to check out, find out about San Francisco’s was like in the prohibition era of the 1920’s with secret password entry and disguised alcohol.

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