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Tampa city centre
Tampa International Airport (TPA): 8 km from city centre

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In the sunshine state it’s hard to find a city that isn’t laidback, and Tampa is no different. With something happening every weekend you won’t be short of things to do. Tampa love their festivals: from The Tampa Bay Margarita Festival, to Springfest on Harbour Island, there’s always great music to be heard in the sun.

And when you’re not living it up at a music festival, Tampa is jam packed with arts and culture to keep you occupied. The Tampa Museum of Art and The Ringling is a must for any arts enthusiast and if you’re into the performing arts be sure to check out the Straz Centre.

Tampa International Airport has many car rental companies available for your convenience: such as Avis, Enterprise, Hertz and Thrify. There are also places downtown to pick up a rental car, but it is best to compare offers on before you start your travel.

Driving in Tampa: what you need to know

Tampa looks like a simple dive when you look at the map, displaying the grid-like streets; piece of cake right? But with no rhyme or reason many of the streets are one-way which can make the whole driving experience frustrating and confusing – especially for a tourist. The biggest piece of advice we can give you regarding driving in Tampa is to get yourself a GPS. Seriously – you’ll thank us later.

Road trips from Tampa: what to see and do


If you’re an avid golfer, Jacksonville will be your dream city. Located in Northern Florida, 226 miles from Tampa, this hidden gem has some of the best golf courses. After a golfing session you can unwind and relax at the One Ocean Resort Hotel & Spa situated right on the beautiful clean beaches. You will be treated to pure luxury with the contemporary décor and jaw dropping bathroom suites.

Fort Lauderdale

Retired Spring break hub, Fort Lauderdale, still has the memories of their wet t-shirt competition and boat style parties. Only now you’ll find the bar and party scene to be more sophisticated - yet still rampant.

There are plenty of fine dining options and luxury hotels to satisfy your indulgences. The international yachting scene, jazz concerts and great shopping sets a fantastic luxurious backdrop for the more sophisticated crowd.

Panama City

If you don’t mind a lengthy drive, Panama City is perfect if you’re looking to experience the true American road trip. This drive will take you 6 hours, but we doubt you’ll be able to resist stopping off at some of the beautiful sights and scenery along the way. If you fancy a break on your journey, stop off at Weeki Wachee Springs, which is home to the famous performing mermaids – catch their popular live show ‘Little Mermaid’ at the Newton Perry Underwater Theatre.

When you arrive at Panama City, you need to head straight for one of the amazing beaches on offer, try St Andrews State Park for its water sports and beautiful water.

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JC Car Rental
$18 per day Verify
  • 4
Toyota Yaris Economy, 2/4 Door, Auto
$22 per day Verify
  • 3
Chevrolet Spark Economy, 4/5 Door, Auto
SurPrice Cars
$24 per day Verify
  • 3
Nissan Versa Compact, 4/5 Door, Auto
$31 per day Verify
  • 3
Mitsubishi Mirage Economy, 2/4 Door, Manual
$33 per day Verify
  • 5
Toyota Corolla Standard, 4/5 Door, Auto
$35 per day Verify
  • 5
Chevrolet Bolt Electric Intermediate, SUV, Auto
$36 per day Verify
  • 2
Mazda 6 Standard, 4/5 Door, Auto
$39 per day Verify
  • 5
Mazda 3 Intermediate, 2/4 Door, Auto
$40 per day Verify
Kia E-niro Compact, SUV, Auto
Ace Rental Cars
$43 per day Verify
  • 4
  • 0
Carro Surpresa Special, Special, Auto
$49 per day Verify
  • 3
Compact Compact, 2/4 Door, Auto
$51 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 4
Chevrolet Malibu FullSize, 4/5 Door, Auto
$56 per day Verify
  • 4
Bmw X3 Premium Elite, SUV, Auto
$58 per day Verify
  • 4
Nissan Altima Standard, 4/5 Door, Auto
$64 per day Verify
  • 4
Hyundai Elantra Intermediate, 4/5 Door, Auto
$64 per day Verify
Nissan Kicks Compact, SUV, Auto
$65 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 3
Volkswagen Jetta Standard, 2/4 Door, Auto
$65 per day Verify
  • 5
  • 4
Toyota Camry FullSize, 2/4 Door, Auto
$68 per day Verify
  • 4
Chevrolet Cruze Intermediate, 2/4 Door, Auto
$68 per day Verify
  • 3
D Vw Jetta Standard, 2/4 Door, Auto

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Frontier Airlinesoutbound: May 24, 2024
direct (1h36m)
Frontier Airlines
Frontier Airlinesreturn: May 27, 2024
direct (1h44m)
Frontier Airlines
Air Canadaoutbound: Apr 14, 2024
1 stop (16h52m)
Air Canada
Air Canadareturn: Apr 21, 2024
1 stop (27h45m)
Air Canada