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What you should know before hiring a car in Ventimiglia

Practical information

Where is there to rent a car in Ventimiglia?

Lying just a stone's throw from the Italian-French border, Ventimiglia is a relatively small city on the Italian coast. Home to a range of interesting sites, such as the Giardini Botanici Hanbury botanical gardens, and the Balzi Rossi Caves, it is the Friday market which draws the crowds in Ventimiglia. This is in no small part thanks to the hundreds of stalls which pop up every week to sell their wares to visitors and locals. Travelers visiting Ventimiglia will likely arrive in nearby airports such as Nice Airport, Genoa Airport or Turin Airport. From the latter two, cars can be rented to drive to Ventimiglia and its nearby attractions from companies such as Europcar, Hertz and Maggiore. Alternatively, Ventimiglia railway station is the first and final stop on rail routes across Italy. For anyone hoping to create their own timetable and explore Italy by way of its scenic roads, traveling by rental car is a great choice.

Driving in Ventimiglia: parking and other tips

Finding somewhere to park your car in Ventimiglia is easy if you know where to go. As well as parking at your chosen accommodation and exploring Ventimiglia on foot, there are also a number of street parking options. Blue spaces are pay and display; yellow spaces are private parking; and white spaces are free. There is also a paid parking lot in the town center, as well as some space around the train station.

Road trips from Ventimiglia

The city of Ventimiglia is a great base for an Italian road trip: thanks to its coastal location, a road trip with sea views is almost guaranteed! Italy is famed for its road trips, so here are three of the best to take from Ventimiglia.

A road trip to Genoa

102 miles of scenic coastal roads will transport travelers from Ventimiglia to the Italian city of Genoa in around two hours (or more if time is allowed for those all-important photo opportunities!). Stay for the night and see sights such as the Palazzo Ducale, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, and the Galata Museo del Mare – which focuses on maritime exhibits.

A road trip to Turin

From Ventimiglia, a drive of almost three hours follows coastal and country roads before arriving in the city of Turin. The capital city of the Piedmont region, Turin is a cultural hub overlooked by the Alps – making for a stunning impression. Within the city, visitors can enjoy museums such as the Museo Egizio, which focuses on Egyptian history; the National Museum of Cinema; and the Museum of the Risorgimento, which focuses on Italian history. Foodies will find plenty to appreciate in Turin, as the city is known for its delicious Italian cuisine.

A road trip to Tuscany

A little further afield lies the region of Tuscany and the city of Florence. Known both for their beauty and Italian charm, a road trip to this area promises a host of quintessentially Italian experiences. From Ventimiglia, the road passes through Genoa before entering Tuscany, with its rolling hills and beautiful landscapes. Then it's on to Florence: known as the home of the Italian Renaissance, it is famous for its Duomo cathedral and its gelato, which is said to be the best in Italy.

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