Car rental in Croisette Héliport

Rent a car at the Croisette Héliport

  • The Croisette Héliport is 3 km from the city centre of Cannes.
  • If you are leaving for a long trip from theCroisette Héliport, do not forget to check the “Unlimited mileage” filter.
  • If you are unsure of your travel dates from Croisette Héliport, check the “Free cancellation” filter.

The car rental companies available at the Croisette Héliport

Here are the car rental companies available within a radius of 3 km around the Croisette Héliport. Search on Liligo to find out which company to choose according to your criteria.

Pick-up location

Car rental companies


Available vehicle categories


Croisette Héliport

Mini, Economy, Intermediate, Standard, Estate car, SUV/Crossover, Monospace, Coupé/Convertible, Premium, Passenger Van, Van/Motorhome, Commercial Van

Good to know

Is it more advantageous to rent a car at the airport or city centre?

You can run two different searches on Liligo to compare according to your specific criteria. Airport taxes, where applicable, are always included in the prices displayed on Liligo.

What are the cheapest car rental companies at the Croisette Héliport?

The cheapest prices are often offered by intermediate sites. Search to find the cheapest deals.

What is the most popular rental company at the Croisette Héliport?

This information is not available at this time.

Which agencies offer free cancellation at the Croisette Héliport?

To see all offers with free cancellation in Croisette Héliport, start a search on Liligo, then check the filter “Free cancellation”. Check the details of the cancellation conditions on the rental company's website

Which agencies offer rental cars with unlimited mileage at the Croisette Héliport?

To see all deals including unlimited mileage at the Croisette Héliport, search Liligo, then check the filter “Unlimited mileage”.

What is the most popular car category at the Croisette Héliport?

The most popular rental car categories on Liligo are the Mini and Economy categories.

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