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Asiana Airlinesoutbound: Apr 27, 2023
1 stop (19h10m)
Asiana Airlines
British Airwaysreturn: May 9, 2023
1 stop (42h05m)
British Airways
WestJetoutbound: Apr 27, 2023
3 stops (32h15m)
Singapore Airlinesreturn: May 9, 2023
1 stop (32h05m)
Singapore Airlines
Qatar Airwaysoutbound: Apr 27, 2023
1 stop (31h55m)
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airwaysreturn: May 9, 2023
2 stops (47h19m)
Qatar Airways
Alaska Airlinesoutbound: Dec 1, 2022
2 stops (24h30m)
Alaska Airlines
Cathay Pacificreturn: Dec 19, 2022
1 stop (25h15m)
Cathay Pacific
Austrian Airlinesoutbound: Dec 1, 2022
2 stops (35h25m)
Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlinesreturn: Dec 19, 2022
2 stops (32h43m)
Austrian Airlines
Air Canadaoutbound: Dec 1, 2022
2 stops (24h18m)
Air Canada
Air Canadareturn: Dec 19, 2022
2 stops (38h38m)
Air Canada
Finnairoutbound: Dec 1, 2022
1 stop (27h20m)
United Airlinesreturn: Dec 19, 2022
1 stop (23h12m)
United Airlines
Air Franceoutbound: Dec 18, 2022
1 stop (34h15m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: Dec 30, 2022
1 stop (34h25m)
Air France
Etihad Airwaysoutbound: Feb 4, 2023
2 stops (38h40m)
Etihad Airways
Cathay Pacificreturn: Mar 5, 2023
1 stop (18h05m)
Cathay Pacific

Mini guide: Cheap flights to China, tourism and travel info

Flights to China: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to China

Heading East? This country will impress, whether you’re looking for cheap flights to China for business or for pleasure. The capital is the best place to start any trip to China. Catch the cheapest flights to Beijing (PEK) onboard Emirates, Air China, American Airlines, United Airlines, and dozens of others.

When to book the cheapest flights to China

It’s a long way to get to China, so booking in advance is key for finding the cheapest fares. Avoid booking flights during major holidays, like Chinese New Year in February and autumn, peak tourist season.

  • Peak season: October to November and Chinese New Year.
  • Low season: Summer, depends on the region though.

Flight duration

A non-stop flight to China from New York takes 13 hours 30 minutes.

Experience China: sights, tours and activities

If it’s your first time going to China, expect a big culture shock. This country is massive but we promise the historic and cultural sites will impress, not to mention all the Chinese food you can eat! From the Great Wall to the Imperial Palace and all those cute pandas… ready to go?

Essentials in China

Great Wall of China: This colossal structure stretches for an impressive 5,000 miles across China and into Mongolia. It’s no doubt the main attraction for every visitor in China and is a must-do day trip from Beijing.

Beijing: Let’s talk about capital delights! This sprawling city is a cultural metropolis that should not be missed. Stay up all night, chow down at the food markets and breathe it all in!

Chengdu: If you’re hoping to see some cute, loveable pandas while in China, then a trip to Chengdu is essential. Head to Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve to see them in their natural habitat.

Visit for more info.

Hotels and accommodation in China

China won’t disappoint in terms of hotels but be aware that you will need to pay more than you’re used to for a hotel of a higher standard. Luxury doesn’t come cheap here, nor does space! Budget travelers have a host of guesthouses, inns and hostels to choose from.

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