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Spirit Airlinesoutbound: Jun 15, 2019
direct (4h16m)
Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlinesreturn: Jun 25, 2019
direct (4h07m)
Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlinesoutbound: Jul 6, 2019
1 stop (17h46m)
Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlinesreturn: Jul 27, 2019
1 stop (8h20m)
Spirit Airlines
Aeromexicooutbound: Jul 6, 2019
1 stop (11h55m)
Aeromexicoreturn: Jul 27, 2019
1 stop (11h55m)
Aviancaoutbound: Jul 6, 2019
direct (5h48m)
Aviancareturn: Jul 27, 2019
1 stop (12h41m)
American Airlinesoutbound: May 28, 2019
1 stop (7h15m)
American Airlines
American Airlinesreturn: Oct 7, 2019
direct (3h44m)
American Airlines
LANoutbound: May 28, 2019
direct (3h41m)
LANreturn: Oct 7, 2019
direct (3h44m)
Southwest Airlinesoutbound: Jun 24, 2019
1 stop (18h)
Southwest Airlines
Spirit Airlinesreturn: Jul 3, 2019
1 stop (13h38m)
Spirit Airlines
Delta Air Linesoutbound: Jun 20, 2019
1 stop (8h17m)
Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Linesreturn: Jun 25, 2019
1 stop (9h47m)
Delta Air Lines
Air Canadaoutbound: Aug 19, 2019
1 stop (13h30m)
Air Canada
Air Canadareturn: Sep 6, 2019
1 stop (13h12m)
Air Canada
Aeromexicooutbound: Dec 24, 2019
1 stop (26h05m)
Aeromexicoreturn: Dec 31, 2019
1 stop (11h15m)
United Airlinesoutbound: Dec 24, 2019
1 stop (9h30m)
United Airlines
United Airlinesreturn: Dec 31, 2019
1 stop (11h01m)
United Airlines

Mini guide: Cheap flights to Colombia, tourism and travel info

Flights to Colombia: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to Colombia

This South American country lures visitors from around the world with its spectacular scenery. Sweep the stereotypes aside and search for cheap flights to Colombia! A number of airlines like Delta, American Airlines, United, Avianca, jetBlue, LAN Airlines and Spirit Airlines offer non-stop flights to El Dorado International Airport (BOG). Otherwise, you can catch flights to Colombia onboard a number of other airline carriers, with a layover or two.

Best time to book cheap flights to Colombia

Colombia's climate varies depending on the region. Be sure to check the weather in the region you plan to visit before deciding on a travel period. Book flights five to six months in advance. Often you can save money by booking a flight with one layover.

  • Peak season: Summer for Bogota, the rest of the country varies.
  • Low season: Winters tend to get very cold.

Flight duration

Non-stop flights from New York to Bogota take around 6 hours.

Experience Colombia: sights, tours and activities

This South American country invites you on a journey through tropical mountain highlands, vast deserts, mountains and deep forests. Not to forget a visit of the tropical beaches along both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Discover charming colonial Spanish towns and sip on some of the best coffee in the world!

Essentials in Colombia

Bogota: While discovering the Colombian capital you should head to Monserrate, the mountain that dominates the city center of Bogota, for some impressive views. You can reach its peak by funicular, tramway or by walking up on foot. You will be surprised by the size of this mega-city in the valley.

Amacayacu National Park: This Colombian nature reserve is located along the Amazon River. You can reach it by boat from the city of Leticia. Take a boat tour and you may be lucky enough to see some of its unique wildlife, like the smallest primate, the largest freshwater turtle or the largest alligator in the world.

Isla de Providencia: Looking for a place to relax on the beach while you're in Colombia? This island lies between Costa Rica and Jamaica, and is the perfect Caribbean escape. Enjoy sandy beaches, coral reefs, mangroves and tropical forests.

Find more information about Colombia on Colombia Travel.

Hotels and accommodation in Colombia

Depending on the region or the city you can find a range of different options, from cheap hostels to luxury resorts and 5 star hotels. You won’t be disappointed for choice in big cities and popular tourist regions. Always compare prices in advance to save time and money.

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