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TAP Air Portugaloutbound: Feb 21, 2025
1 stop (14h15m)
TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugalreturn: Feb 24, 2025
1 stop (27h05m)
TAP Air Portugal
Brussels Airlinesoutbound: Oct 7, 2024
1 stop (31h20m)
Brussels Airlines
Brussels Airlinesreturn: Oct 13, 2024
1 stop (33h05m)
Brussels Airlines
British Airwaysoutbound: Aug 1, 2024
1 stop (21h30m)
British Airways
British Airwaysreturn: Aug 31, 2024
1 stop (16h55m)
British Airways
Air Caraibesoutbound: Aug 23, 2024
direct (10h50m)
Air Caraibes
Air Caraibesreturn: Sep 27, 2024
direct (11h40m)
Air Caraibes
Air Franceoutbound: Aug 14, 2024
direct (7h15m)
Air France
Delta Air Linesreturn: Sep 17, 2024
direct (8h35m)
Delta Air Lines
Iberiaoutbound: Aug 14, 2024
1 stop (13h45m)
Iberiareturn: Sep 17, 2024
1 stop (11h25m)
JetBlueoutbound: Aug 14, 2024
2 stops (18h35m)
Lufthansareturn: Sep 17, 2024
1 stop (14h20m)
Icelandairoutbound: Oct 21, 2024
1 stop (10h30m)
Icelandairreturn: Nov 10, 2024
1 stop (11h20m)
Air Franceoutbound: Oct 21, 2024
direct (7h55m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: Nov 10, 2024
direct (9h)
Air France
Finnairoutbound: Oct 21, 2024
1 stop (11h35m)
Finnairreturn: Nov 10, 2024
1 stop (12h45m)
Scandinavian Airlinesoutbound: Oct 2, 2024
1 stop (12h40m)
Scandinavian Airlines
Scandinavian Airlinesreturn: Oct 12, 2024
1 stop (26h40m)
Scandinavian Airlines
Turkish Airlinesoutbound: Oct 2, 2024
1 stop (18h55m)
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlinesreturn: Oct 12, 2024
1 stop (23h15m)
Turkish Airlines
Air Canadaoutbound: Jul 20, 2024
2 stops (29h15m)
Air Canada
Air Canadareturn: Aug 13, 2024
1 stop (17h54m)
Air Canada
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Mini guide: Cheap flights to France, tourism and travel info

Flights to France: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to France

France is one of the most popular destinations for American traveling to Europe. It certainly has a lot going for it, from the delights of Paris to the luxurious French Riviera. Start planning your vacation in France with cheap flights to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) onboard Air France, Air Europa, American Airlines, US Airways and a dozen other airlines operating the route.

When to book the cheapest flights to France

France is fabulous year-round. Winter is great for skiing in the Alps, February trips for Valentine’s Day can’t be beat, spring in Provence is lavender-filled and summers along the Mediterranean coast are as sweet as they come. Book your flights 6 months in advance to find the cheapest fares.

  • Peak season: Late-spring for Paris, summer for Corsica and the Côte d'Azur.
  • Low season: Fall and winter, excluding the Alps.

Flight duration

A non-stop flight to France from New York takes 7 hours 20 minutes.

Experience France: sights, tours and activities

Each region in France offers something uniquely different. From the incredible sights in Paris to the dramatic coastal cliffs in Brittany, Bordeaux’s famous wineries and Lyon for its foodie delights. Whether you’re here for the food and wine, the sights or to brush up on your French, there’s plenty to see and do!

Essentials in France

Paris: Paris is France’s strong and sophisticated capital and remains one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe. Climb the Eiffel Tower, tour the Notre Dame Cathedral, wander around the Louvre’s amazing art collection and don’t miss the city’s parks and gardens.

French Riviera: In summer, there’s no place to be than in the south of France. The sandy beaches and sea-front hotels in Nice are just stunning. Rent a car so you can cruise along the coastal highways, stopping in cities along the way.

Lyon: Lyon is famous for a number of things: top-notch art galleries and museums, universities and its food. If you have an expensive palette, Lyon will no disappoint. Join its culinary trail and hop from one Michelin-starred establishment to the next!

Visit rendezvousenfrance.com for more info.

Hotels and accommodation in France

France’s cities are well equipped to host tourists from around the world. Americans may find Paris hotel rooms a bit on the small size but hey, that’s Europe! There are plenty of rooms available year-round but the coast can book up in the summer. Always compare prices before you go to avoid over-paying.

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