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Mini guide: Cheap flights to Ghana, tourism and travel info

Practical information for traveling to Ghana

Located in West Africa, Ghana looks out over the Gulf of Guinea. Its capital city is Accra, and the official currency of Ghana is Ghanaian cedi. The main airport in Ghana is Kotoka International Airport, located in the capital of Accra; Kumasi International Airport is another international airport in Ghana, serving the city of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. Other significant cities in Ghana include Sekondi-Takoradi, Cape Coast, and Tema. Ghana stands in the Greenwich Mean Time Zone.

Which airlines operate flights to Ghana?

From the US, a number of low cost and regular airlines operate flights to Ghana, touching down in Accra's Kotoka International Airport. These include low cost airline TAP Portugal, as well as regular airlines including United Airlines, Brussels Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, and Royal Air Maroc. Flights from the US to Ghana depart from a number of airports across the country; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport in New York, and San Francisco International Airport are just a few of the possible departure airports.

When is the best time to book flights to Ghana?

With a tropical climate, Ghana boasts warm weather year round thanks to its proximity to the equator. However, the best time to visit in terms of weather is from October through April, when lower humidity levels make the hot temperatures more enjoyable. However, the Saharan Harmattan wind blows through Ghana between December – February, which can impact visibility. Travelers hoping to visit the beach or go hiking should visit outside of these months to get the most from their trip. Booking in advance is always advisable when it comes to buying flights, including when booking flights to Ghana.

How long is the flight to Ghana?

From New York Airports such as Newark Liberty International, the flight to Ghana can take around 16h 25m or longer; non-stop flights departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport are available with Delta Air Lines, with a flight time to Ghana of 10h 18m. From Los Angeles International, the flight time to Ghana's Kotoka International Airport is around 18h 20m on a connecting flight; from Miami International Airport, the flight duration is around 18 hours.

What is there to see and do in Ghana?

The west African nation of Ghana is home to historic sites, a varied wildlife, interesting museums, and beautiful beaches. Its capital city of Accra is a popular tourist destination, with sights such as Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle waiting to be discovered by visitors. Elsewhere, sights worth visiting include the wildlife refuge of Mole National Park, which is home to animals such as African elephants, buffalo, baboons, leopards and lions; and Kakum National Park, which features a canopy walk and guided tours through the park's rainforest. Ghana's beaches are also popular with visitors; spread across the country's 350 mile long coastline, they often offer soft sand and good swimming conditions. The most popular beach in Ghana is Labadi Beach: located in Accra, it often features music performances and bonfires. Other popular beaches include Coconut Groove Beach Resort and Bojo Beach.

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