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Voloteaoutbound: Apr 17, 2021
direct (2h40m)
Voloteareturn: Apr 24, 2021
direct (2h50m)
Pegasus Airlinesoutbound: May 12, 2021
1 stop (11h15m)
Pegasus Airlines
Aegean Airlinesreturn: May 16, 2021
direct (1h55m)
Aegean Airlines
Air Europaoutbound: Jul 31, 2021
1 stop (16h50m)
Air Europa
Air Serbiareturn: Aug 15, 2021
1 stop (18h40m)
Air Serbia
Air Franceoutbound: Jun 18, 2021
direct (3h10m)
Air France
easyJetreturn: Jul 1, 2021
direct (3h25m)
Vuelingoutbound: May 13, 2021
1 stop (20h20m)
Wizz Airreturn: May 16, 2021
1 stop (18h40m)
Wizz Air
Olympic Airoutbound: Mar 12, 2021
direct (50m)
Olympic Air
Olympic Airreturn: Mar 19, 2021
direct (55m)
Olympic Air
KLMoutbound: Apr 5, 2021
1 stop (13h55m)
Air Francereturn: Apr 9, 2021
direct (3h30m)
Air France
easyJetoutbound: Jul 22, 2021
direct (2h30m)
easyJetreturn: Jul 30, 2021
direct (2h35m)
Condoroutbound: Jun 27, 2021
direct (3h)
Condorreturn: Jul 4, 2021
direct (3h15m)
Aegean Airlinesoutbound: Aug 14, 2021
direct (3h10m)
Aegean Airlines
Aegean Airlinesreturn: Aug 21, 2021
direct (3h35m)
Aegean Airlines
United Airlinesoutbound: Jun 7, 2021
1 stop (16h50m)
United Airlines
United Airlinesreturn: Nov 5, 2021
1 stop (15h35m)
United Airlines
Delta Air Linesoutbound: Jun 7, 2021
direct (9h50m)
Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Linesreturn: Nov 5, 2021
direct (11h)
Delta Air Lines
Iberiaoutbound: Jun 7, 2021
1 stop (13h20m)
British Airwaysreturn: Nov 5, 2021
1 stop (14h40m)
British Airways
Air Canadaoutbound: Jun 5, 2021
1 stop (31h45m)
Air Canada
Swissreturn: Nov 4, 2021
1 stop (29h35m)
Swissoutbound: Jun 5, 2021
1 stop (12h25m)
Swissreturn: Nov 4, 2021
1 stop (13h20m)
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Mini guide: Cheap flights to Greece, tourism and travel info

Flights to Greece: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to Greece

Want to see the country where the gods live? Greece has sixteen international airports making it easy to find cheap flights to Greece, no matter where you touch down. Dozens of airlines connect New York City with Greece’s islands and capital, Athens. Take off onboard US Airways, United Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, among others.

When to book the cheapest flights to Greece

Not every trip to the land of the gods is cheap. Greece can be expensive if you visit during summer, peak season. The islands and coastal cities get really busy in June and the buzz lasts until September. If you want the best flight deals, book your Greece flights as early as possible.

  • Peak season: Summer, if you can bear the heat!
  • Low season: Winter but spring and autumn offer great low-season deals.

Flight duration

A flight to Greece from New York takes around 11 hours.

Experience Greece: sights, tours and activities

Greece can really be enjoyed all year long. Athens' ancient ruins and monuments are perfect in the spring, autumn and even winter. When the weather is warm, the seaside is where you'll want to be. Greece's diverse landscapes offer everything from beaches to mountains, perfect for skiing.

Essentials in Greece

Athens: The Acropolis sits on top of the city’s biggest hill and really is the icing on the cake. This buzzing metropolis attracts thousands of visitors a year for its ancient temples and statues. This is a must for history and culture lovers. Apart from that, the city boats great taverns, markets and lively restaurants with all the usual and delicious Greek cuisine.

Santorini: Santorini's picturesque white-washed villages built on mountains and hills will no doubt charm you. This is one of the most photographed islands in Greece. Formed by a volcano, the island has a rugged landscape and some very beautiful beaches.

Corfu: The northernmost island in the Ionian Islands, Corfu, is one of the most popular places to spend a vacation in Greece. The north of the island is more mountainous, perfect for hiking or enjoying the pebbly beaches. For sandy beaches, stay south.

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Hotels and accommodation in Greece

Greece has long been a favorite vacation destination so you can imagine it is well equipped with hotels. Room prices tend to rise dramatically during the summer months. The cheapest rooms are found early, so book your hotel, vacation apartment or hostel well in advance. Note that many hotels and resorts on the islands close during the winter and off-season.

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