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Aviancaoutbound: Jan 23, 2023
1 stop (9h15m)
Spirit Airlinesreturn: Jan 30, 2023
1 stop (10h08m)
Spirit Airlines
Aeromexicooutbound: Jan 23, 2023
1 stop (5h55m)
Aeromexicoreturn: Jan 30, 2023
1 stop (6h46m)
JetBlueoutbound: Dec 25, 2022
1 stop (13h16m)
Aviancareturn: Dec 29, 2022
1 stop (21h10m)
American Airlinesoutbound: Dec 25, 2022
1 stop (26h42m)
American Airlines
Spirit Airlinesreturn: Dec 30, 2022
1 stop (9h01m)
Spirit Airlines
Frontier Airlinesoutbound: Dec 18, 2022
direct (2h54m)
Frontier Airlines
Frontier Airlinesreturn: Jan 15, 2023
direct (2h39m)
Frontier Airlines

Mini guide: Cheap flights to Guatemala, tourism and travel info

Flights to Guatemala: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to Guatemala

Guatemala is an amazing Central American country with a Caribbean coastline, Pacific coastline, tropical forests, jungles and more. Start planning your trip to Guatemala with cheap flights to La Aurora International Airport (GUA) onboard Aeromexico, Avianca, American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Spirit Airlines and US Airways.

When to book the cheapest flights to Guatemala

Guatemala’s Pacific Coast enjoys hot, balmy days in March-April and then mild days the rest of the year. Rainy season makes traveling inland difficult between May and October. For the cheapest fares, book your flights to Guatemala at least 6 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Autumn and winter are perfect.
  • Low season: May-October due to the rainy season.

Flight duration

A flight to Guatemala from New York takes around 6 hours.

Experience Guatemala: sights, tours and activities

Guatemala is rich in cultural treasures, including plenty of Mayan ruins. The country’s volcanoes, beaches, lakes and rivers are all worth exploring. Trekking is very popular in Guatemala, so pack some comfortable walking shoes!

Essentials in Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala: Antigua is the most popular tourist area in Guatemala. Its crumbling colonial buildings and stone streets are charming. From here, take a day trip to Volcano Pacaya.

Rio Dulce: Can you imagine an emerald-colored river flowing out to the Caribbean? Rio Dulca is just that, running right on the border between Honduras and Belize. There are hot springs at Pinca Paraiso and a historic castle in San Felipe de Lara.

Lake Atitlan: This lake is a stunner. It’s rimmed by volcanoes and also has an ancient Mayan village to explore. The nearby town is popular among backpackers, so there are more hostels here than upscale hotels.

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Hotels and accommodation in Guatemala

There are hotels in just about every city, town and village in Guatemala. Some are called “hospedajes”, more or less guesthouses that are family-run. They typically consist of a private bedroom, but shared bathrooms. Higher quality hotels are most popular in tourist areas.

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