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Lufthansaoutbound: Aug 24, 2021
1 stop (17h)
Lufthansareturn: Sep 1, 2021
1 stop (26h35m)
American Airlinesoutbound: Aug 24, 2021
1 stop (13h32m)
American Airlines
American Airlinesreturn: Sep 1, 2021
1 stop (35h05m)
American Airlines
British Airwaysoutbound: Aug 24, 2021
1 stop (12h05m)
British Airways
British Airwaysreturn: Sep 1, 2021
1 stop (12h10m)
British Airways
Delta Air Linesoutbound: Aug 24, 2021
1 stop (13h44m)
Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Linesreturn: Sep 1, 2021
1 stop (16h29m)
Delta Air Lines
Air Franceoutbound: Jun 1, 2021
direct (1h50m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: Jun 4, 2021
direct (1h45m)
Air France
KLMoutbound: May 22, 2021
1 stop (5h20m)
KLMreturn: May 29, 2021
1 stop (13h35m)
Vuelingoutbound: Sep 6, 2021
1 stop (16h25m)
Vuelingreturn: Sep 13, 2021
1 stop (6h15m)
Swissoutbound: Aug 5, 2021
1 stop (15h)
Swissreturn: Aug 9, 2021
direct (2h10m)
TAP Air Portugaloutbound: Aug 8, 2021
1 stop (10h35m)
TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugalreturn: Aug 21, 2021
1 stop (22h50m)
TAP Air Portugal
Air Canadaoutbound: Aug 8, 2021
1 stop (13h55m)
Air Canada
Swissreturn: Aug 21, 2021
1 stop (34h)
Aer Lingusoutbound: Jul 19, 2021
direct (2h15m)
Aer Lingus
Aer Lingusreturn: Jul 25, 2021
direct (2h15m)
Aer Lingus
Ryanairoutbound: Jul 5, 2021
direct (1h35m)
Ryanairreturn: Jul 30, 2021
direct (1h35m)
Aer Lingusoutbound: Dec 26, 2021
direct (6h15m)
Aer Lingus
Aer Lingusreturn: Dec 30, 2021
direct (7h50m)
Aer Lingus
Air Franceoutbound: Dec 26, 2021
1 stop (17h45m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: Dec 30, 2021
1 stop (16h50m)
Air France

Mini guide: Cheap flights to Ireland, tourism and travel info

Flights to Ireland: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to Ireland

Welcome to the Emerald Isle! Ireland has four international airports but the cheapest flights to Ireland arrive in Dublin. From New York, over a dozen airlines fly non-stop to Dublin, including Delta Air Lines, United Airways, US Airways and Aer Lingus, Ireland’s national airline.

When to book the cheapest flights to Ireland

For cheap tickets to Ireland, winter is your best bet but don't go unless you really can handle the grey and wet weather. Most visitors tend to plan their vacations in Ireland in the summer, when you can spend most of your time outdoors when the sun is out.

  • Peak season: Summer, June to September.
  • Low season: Late fall to early spring, except St. Patrick’s Day.

Flight duration

A flight to Ireland from New York takes 7 hours.

Experience Ireland: sights, tours and activities

Ireland's landscapes are very impressive. The beautiful coast will take your breath away! The best way to visit this country is with a rental car, so you can explore at your own pace! The ring of Kerry is particularly breath taking. Irish cities have a lot to offer. Dublin is the top choice for St. Patrick's Day in March but the whole country joins in the celebration, everyone with pints of Guinness in hand.

Essentials in Ireland

Dublin: Start your trip in Ireland off in Dublin, the country’s capital. This is a city of literature and you'll find so many historical references from favourites by Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and others. The Guinness Brewery is a must, as is Dublin Castle and a tour of Trinity College.

Cork: Located in the south, Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and its sights are well worth seeing. Blarney Castle, St. Mary's Cathedral and the Red Abbey should be at the top of your sightseeing list when visiting Cork.

Kilkenny: Kilkenny is located in the heart of Ireland, surrounded by lush greenery. This medieval town is so typically Irish; you'll fall in love with its charm. It makes a great day trip from Dublin.

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Hotels and accommodation in Ireland

The Emerald Isle offers plenty of options when it comes to accommodations for your vacation. Public holidays are the trickiest times to find hotels, particularly in the bigger cities like Dublin and Cork. If you plan to visit during peak times, make sure you book your flights to Ireland and your hotels well in advance.

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