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Flights to Nicaragua: need to know

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Despite being the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is one of the least visited for foreign travelers, although it certainly doesn’t lack in attractions! You won't find a better time to discover this fascinating country before it becomes a popular tourist attraction. Book your non-stop flights to Nicaragua’s Managua International Airport (MGA) with United, Delta, American Airlines, TACA or Spirit Airlines or compare flights with a layover if you’re hoping to save money. You won't regret it!

Best time to book cheap flights to Nicaragua

For the cheapest airfares book your tickets around three months in advance. While the dry season on the Pacific coast is between November and April, the weather in Nicaragua can be very changeable and often unpredictable.

  • Peak season: November to April.
  • Low season: The rainy season, between September and October.

Flight duration

Non-stop flights from Miami to Managua take approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Experience Nicaragua: sights, tours and activities

Many travelers say Nicaragua is the next Costa Rica. It’s no wonder, the country has plenty to offer in terms of natural beauty and wildlife. Discover its extraordinary landscapes of mountains, volcanoes and lakes and enjoy adventure travel, beaches and historical colonial towns before mass tourism makes it's way to this amazing Central American country.

Essentials in Nicaragua

León: León was Nicaragua’s capital until 1857. This city is famous for its cathedral, the National University, the best art gallery in the country and for hosting several revolutionary movements. To find out more about the latter, head to the fascinating Museum of the Revolution.

Rio San Juan: Discover the river that connects Lake Nicaragua with the Caribbean Sea. Rent a canoe for the day and see which flora and fauna you can spot from the water.

Corn Islands: 50 miles east of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua you can find the Corn Islands with their sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. They may be lesser known, but they’re just as beautiful as any Caribbean tropical paradise!

Find more about Nicaragua on Visit Nicaragua.

Hotels and accommodation in Nicaragua

When it comes to accommodation in Nicaragua, you can find hostels with hammocks for backpackers as well as luxury hotels. Compared to other countries in Central and South America, room prices tend to be quite cheap. You will be spoiled for choice, especially the most popular destinations like Managua, León, Granada, San Juan del Sur and the exotic Corn Islands.

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