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When to find the cheapest flights to Saint John's

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Saint John's guide: how to get there, what to see

Saint John's city centre
V. C. Bird International Airport (ANU): 11116 km from city centre

Flights to Antigua: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to Antigua

Planning a Caribbean vacation? Several airlines like American Airlines, United, Delta and US Airways offer non-stop flights to St. John's V. C. Bird International Airport in Antigua and Barbuda. Other carriers like British Airways or Air Canada will fly you to the sun-drenched white sand beaches of Antigua with one layover.

When to book the cheapest flights to Antigua

The preferred travel period for most vacationers heading to this Caribbean island is winter, during the dry season. The shoulder season in early December, May and June offers pleasant weather as well as lower prices. September is peak season for hurricanes, so it’s best to avoid this time of the year. For the best airline rates, you should compare and book your flights at least 3 months in advance.

  • Peak season: December to February.
  • Low season: Between August and October.
  • Flight duration

    A non-stop flight from New York to Antigua takes proximately 4 hours and 50 minutes.

    Experience Antigua: sights, tours and activities

    For many visitors, Antigua vacations are all about the sandy beaches. But if you get tired of sunbathing, there’s so much more to discover. The island is home to a quirky capital, colorful carnival celebrations, fascinating coral reefs and the Caribbean’s major regatta.

    Essentials in Antigua

    St. John: Discover the vibrant heritage of Antigua in the island’s charming capital. From St. John's Cathedral to the famed English Harbor you will be able to observe a rich British Colonial history. On Friday or Saturday be sure not to miss a trip to the vibrant Farmer’s Market. To try your luck at the tables you should head to the King's Casino.

    Beaches: Antigua has enough beaches for you to visit one for every day of the year. The clear blue waters of this affordable destination offer excellent conditions for snorkeling and scuba diving. Have you ever tried swimming with stingrays? This is the place to try it!

    The Devil's Bridge: This natural limestone arch formed by ocean waves is located near Indian Town and makes for great vacation photographs. The bridge, that marks the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, should be admired from a safe distance. Walking on it is not advised.

    Visit for more info about the island.

    Hotels and accommodation in Antigua

    On this Caribbean island you can choose between almost 150 hotels, villas, guesthouses and hostels for any traveler's style or budget. During hurricane season, between August and October, many hotels close. You should book your rooms as far ahead as possible if you plan to visit during peak season. During the busy Semana Santa, prices can also double.

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