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San Jose Del Cabo guide: how to get there, what to see

San Jose Del Cabo city centre
Los Cabos International Airport (SJD): 11 km from city centre

Flights to Cabo San Lucas: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Cabo for short, is one of Mexico's most popular destinations in the Baja Peninsula with ritzy resorts, championship golf courses, restaurants and a landscape for outdoor activities. Planning a vacation in Cabo? Start planning your trip with cheap flights to Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) onboard Aeromexico, Delta, Frontier Airlines, Interjet, Southwest Airlines and Mexicana.

When to book the cheapest flights to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a tropical desert with warm evenings and scorching daytime temperatures. The best time to visit is in winter, as the summer can bring rain and possible hurricanes. Book your flights to Cabo at least 3-4 months in advance for the cheapest fares.

  • Peak season: Winter, December-May.
  • Low season: July to September due to high humidity and risk of hurricanes.

Flight duration

A flight to Cabo San Lucas from New York takes 6 hours 30 minutes with a layover.

Experience Cabo San Lucas: sights, tours and activities

Cabo San Lucas has so much more to offer than just great surfing and beautiful beaches. From January to March whales can be spotted from the coast, natural landmarks dot the region and it is a great spot for scuba diving and water sports.

Essentials in Cabo San Lucas

Land's End: This large collection of rocks have been shaped and sculpted by the sea and wind for centuries. During low tide, you can walk out on Lover's Beach and discover the Arch of Poseidon. At high tide, this spot is a great place to take photographs.

Scuba diving: Cabo is an especially good spot for scuba diving because you can watch the sandfalls underwater. This natural phenomenon looks like a waterfall, but its made up of sand under the water as the current pulls it along. This is something Jacques Cousteau loved to watch while diving in the area.

Fishing: Cabo is famous for its fishing. Cabo is right where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, creating a very rich environment where sport fish thrive: sailfish, tuna, dorado, marlin, among others. Rent a skiff for the day or a yacht!

Hotels and accommodation in Cabo San Lucas

When choosing a hotel in Cabo San Lucas remember that the closer you are to the harbor, the more expensive your room will be. While there are a few budget hotel options, Cabo generally caters to the mid-range and luxury traveler. During peak season, it's a good idea to book far in advance.

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