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Qatar Airwaysoutbound: Nov 7, 2021
1 stop (25h50m)
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airwaysreturn: Nov 14, 2021
1 stop (18h55m)
Qatar Airways
Emiratesoutbound: Nov 22, 2021
1 stop (29h35m)
Emiratesreturn: Nov 25, 2021
1 stop (38h10m)
KLMoutbound: Feb 22, 2022
1 stop (24h10m)
KLMreturn: Mar 1, 2022
1 stop (17h15m)
Air Franceoutbound: Feb 1, 2022
1 stop (14h20m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: Feb 10, 2022
1 stop (16h55m)
Air France
Turkish Airlinesoutbound: Apr 15, 2022
1 stop (15h45m)
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlinesreturn: May 8, 2022
1 stop (15h50m)
Turkish Airlines
Kenya Airwaysoutbound: Dec 5, 2021
1 stop (10h45m)
Kenya Airways
Kenya Airwaysreturn: Dec 18, 2021
1 stop (19h05m)
Kenya Airways
Iberiaoutbound: Aug 14, 2022
2 stops (22h45m)
Qatar Airwaysreturn: Aug 24, 2022
2 stops (22h32m)
Qatar Airways
British Airwaysoutbound: Aug 14, 2022
1 stop (18h25m)
British Airways
KLMreturn: Aug 24, 2022
1 stop (14h30m)
Lufthansaoutbound: Nov 7, 2021
direct (11h40m)
Lufthansareturn: Jul 2, 2022
direct (11h55m)
Etihad Airwaysoutbound: Dec 26, 2021
1 stop (21h30m)
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airwaysreturn: Jan 8, 2022
1 stop (21h20m)
Etihad Airways

Mini guide: Cheap flights to South Africa, tourism and travel info

Flights to South Africa: need to know

Cheap airline tickets to South Africa

South Africa is a top destination if you’re looking to experience a truly African safari, beaches, worldly cities and some tasty wines. Search for cheap flights to either Cape Town or Johannesburg onboard Virgin Atlantic, JetBlue, South African Airways and United Airlines.

When to book the cheapest flights to South Africa

South Africa’s seasons are opposite to what they are at home. Peak season is during South Africa’s summer months, from October to March. For the cheapest flights to South Africa, try visiting in spring or autumn and book your tickets at least 6 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer, October-March.
  • Low season: Winter.

Flight duration

A flight to South Africa from New York takes around 22 hours with a layover.

Experience South Africa: sights, tours and activities

South Africa extends all the way across the southern tip of the African continent. It’s the perfect place for a wildlife safari, a wine tour, a whale watching excursion and a beach vacation. Not to mention cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town to visit too!

Essentials in South Africa

Cape Town: Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. With Table Mountain just a hike away, and islands to explore just off the coast. Robben Island is the one where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner. It’s a culture addicts home away from home!

Johannesburg: Or Jo’burg as the locals like to call it, is a city of contacts. Visit the Carlton Center first for amazing views over the city. The Museum of Africa is a must to understand the country’s history and people.

Port Elizabeth: Take a trip back in time when you visit this charming little city with its Victorian architecture and beautiful beaches. It’s along the Garden Route, one of the most stunning drives in the world and a must if you rent a car in South Africa.

Visit for more info.

Hotels and accommodation in South Africa

Looking for a hotel in South Africa? You’ll find plenty of choice in major cities like the ones we mentioned above. For something further afield, why not try a secluded hut in a National Park or a cabin overlooking the coast; they’re a steal in the off-season!

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