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United Airlinesoutbound: Jul 16, 2024
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Caribbean Airlinesreturn: Jul 30, 2024
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Caribbean Airlinesoutbound: Jul 16, 2024
direct (3h45m)
Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Airlinesreturn: Jul 30, 2024
direct (4h05m)
Caribbean Airlines

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Practical information for traveling to Trinidad and Tobago

Located in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is made up of two islands (one named Trinidad and the other named Tobago). Its official name is the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and its capital city is the Port of Spain, located on Trinidad. The city is also home to Piarco International Airport, the country's largest airport and home to Caribbean Airlines. The country's only other international airport is A.N.R. Robinson International Airport, found on Tobago. The official language spoken is English, and the country's official currency is the Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD).The country stands in the Atlantic Standard Time zone, and there is no time difference between Trinidad and Tobago and New York.

What are the airlines flying to Trinidad and Tobago?

There are a number of direct and indirect flights to Trinidad and Tobago from the US, operated by a variety of different airlines – including low cost and regular operators. As the national airline of Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Air operates flights to and from the US; jetBlue, American Airlines and Air Canada also operate flights from the US to the two island nation. There are only two international airports in Trinidad and Tobago: Piarco International Airport and A.N.R. Robinson International Airport. Flights from the US depart from airports across the country, including JFK International Airport in New York, Miami International Airport, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

When is the best time to buy tickets to Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad and Tobago enjoys good weather throughout the year; nevertheless, there are seasons in which the climate is particularly enjoyable – and visitor numbers are at their peak. From mid-December through mid-April, the islands enjoy their high season with sunny days and the vibrant atmosphere of Carnival drawing in the crowds. As a result, flight prices can be higher. As May draws to a close, the wet season begins, lasting through to November. This season offers lower flight fares and cheaper accommodation, while in September the weather can dry up a little while prices remain low. It's advisable to buy your flight tickets to Trinidad and Tobago in advance, however last minute bargains can be found in the off season.

How long is the flight to Trinidad and Tobago?

When flying from airports in New York, direct flights to Trinidad and Tobago are available with a flight time of as little as 5 hours. Flights from Floridian cities such as Miami take even less time, with a journey duration of around 3h45m on a direct flight. Traveling from the west coast takes a little longer: indirect flights are on offer from Los Angeles International Airport and take around 10 hours, while those flying from Portland International Airport are looking at a flight time of over 11 hours and a stopover in cities such as Houston.

What is there to do in Trinidad and Tobago?

With beautiful beaches, stunning natural areas and vibrant cities, visitors will never get bored in Trinidad and Tobago. The two islands offer something for everyone, from all out relaxation to cultural experiences and outdoor activities. On the larger island of Trinidad, the country's capital city of the Port of Spain is a must visit: the Caroni Swamp, Queens' Park Savannah, and Royal Botanic Gardens are just a few of the fascinating sights to see. Don't miss Carnival, held every year in February! The city of Scarborough, located on Tobago, is another interesting metropolis to visit: check out Fort King George and the Scarborough Market. Away from urban environments, Englishman's Bay, Pigeon Point, Pitch Lake and the Asa Wright Nature Center are a few more essential, places to visit in the Caribbean country.

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