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Price of plane tickets to Anaheim

  • A plane ticket from the U.S. to Anaheim costs on average $32940.
  • Flight tickets usually vary between $32754 and $33300.
  • The cheapest month to book a flight from the U.S. to Anaheim is: July.
  • The departure airport where the cheapest flights for Anaheim can be found is: Love Field.
  • The high season in Anaheim corresponds to the months of March, July and December.
  • For the cheapest airplane ticket prices, it is advisable to buy your flight ticket at least 1 months before the departure date.

Frequently asked questions

How many direct flights are there to Anaheim from the U.S.?

On average there are 1 direct flights per week.

How long is a flight from the U.S. to Anaheim?

The duration of the flight depends on your departure airport. Here are some examples:

  • A flight from Dallas to Anaheim takes 18h 55m.

The durations indicated correspond to the shortest flights found on these routes.

Which airlines offer plane tickets to Anaheim?

The main airlines that operate flights between the U.S. and Anaheim are American Airlines and Delta Airlines.

What is the best departure airport to go to Anaheim?

The cheapest departure airport on average is: Love Field.
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How much does a car rental cost for Anaheim?

This information is currently not available.

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Which airlines fly to Anaheim from the U.S.?

American Airlines American Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines