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What train companies operate the route from Brussels to London?

This route is operated by the company Eurostar.

What is the schedule for the train route from Brussels to London?

Departures typically range from 7:35 AM until 8:36 PM, on the weekdays. The range of weekend departures is slightly more limited.

What are the departure and arrival train stations for the route from Brussels to London?

Trains depart from Brussels Midi/Zuid Railway Station and arrive at London St Pancras International.

What distance is the train route from Brussels to London?

The distance covered by train is around 230 miles.

How long does it take to travel from Brussels to London by train?

The total travel time is around 2.5 hours.

What are the stops on the train route from Brussels to London?

The only stop along the journey is Ebbsfleet International.

Why should you travel by train from Brussels to London?

This train is faster than the corresponding drive, and the trip offers travelers the chance to travel through the Chunnel (tunnel beneath the English Channel).

What is there to see and do in London?

London offers visitors a large variety of attractions. There are numerous pubs offering tasty English brews and traditional English cuisine. There are several large parks and well-known museums in London, many of which are free for all guests to enter. Common attractions include the London Eye, a ferris wheel that offers views of the city, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London. Simply walking along the River Thames is yet another fun and scenic activity.