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What train companies operate the route from Chicago to Indianapolis?

The most practical services between Chicago and Indianapolis are operated by Amtrak (Hoosier State service or Cardinal service, depending on the departure day).

What is the schedule for the train route from Chicago to Indianapolis?

Trains leave daily at 5:45 PM.

What are the departure and arrival train stations for the route from Chicago to Indianapolis?

Trains leave from Chicago’s Union Station and arrive at Indianapolis Station.

What distance is the train route from Chicago to Indianapolis?

The distance covered is around 200 miles.

How long does it take to travel from Chicago to Indianapolis by train?

The estimated time of travel is 5 hours 5 minutes.

What are the stops on the train route from Chicago to Indianapolis?

Intermediate stops include Dyer Station, Rensselaer Station, Lafayette Station and Crawfordsville Station.

Why should you travel by train from Chicago to Indianapolis?

Compared to driving, the train route takes only slightly longer and offers more comfortable travel.

What is there to see and do in Indianapolis?

Visitors to Indianapolis can go to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The city offers over 8 miles of urban bike paths, so bicyclists may want to rent a bicycle during their stay. Music lovers may want to visit the Hilbert Circle Theater to listen to a live performance by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. If attending during the right time of year, visitors can attend the Indianapolis 500, a famous annual automobile race, which is a significant cultural event for automobile enthusiasts. Outdoor lovers can visit Eagle Creek Park, which offers almost 5,000 acres of natural areas for hiking and watersports. Common activities include fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking and birdwatching.