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Travel guide London–Paris


Cheap train tickets from London to Paris are available from European train company Eurostar, which connects England to mainland Europe by rail. Traveling through the Channel Tunnel, Eurostar's high speed rail service allows passengers to travel from London St Pancras International to Paris Gare Du Nord in just over 2 hours.

What train companies operate the route from London to Paris?

Eurostar operates the train route from London to Paris.

What is the timetable for trains from London to Paris?

Eurostar operates a daily service from London to Paris. The first train leaves London at 5.40 am. Services run multiple times an hour throughout the day, until the last Eurostar service to Paris departs at 20.13 pm.

What are the departure and arrival stations for the route from London to Paris?

Trains from London to Paris depart from London St Pancras International and arrive at Paris Gare Du Nord.

Which train stations does the service stop at?

When traveling from London to Paris by train, there are just a few stops on the Eurostar route. Originating at London St Pancras International, the train then stops at Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International before reaching its final stop, Paris Gare Du Nord. Direct services from London to Paris are also available.

How long is the route by train from London to Paris?

From London to the Channel Tunnel is 67 miles; the Channel Tunnel itself runs for 31.4 miles; from the Channel Tunnel to Paris is a further 207 miles.

How long does it take to travel from London to Paris by train?

The Eurostar route from London to Paris can take as little as 2.16 hours. Passengers must arrive at the Eurostar terminal at London St Pancras International at least 30 minutes before departure; Eurostar recommends allowing 45 minutes at busier times such as holidays and weekends. Flight times from London to Paris are 1.2 hours long. However, with additional time spent at the airport journey times when traveling by plane can be up to 4.2 hours long. Bus times from London to Paris are around 8 hours long. Therefore it is clear that choosing to travel by train from London to Paris can be a fast transport option.

Why should you travel by train from London to Paris?

As well as being a fast and time efficient transport option to travel from London to Paris, there are a number of reasons to travel by train between England and France! Comfortable travel is one: Eurostar offers a number of travel classes including Standard Class, Standard Premier and Business Premier. With a number of great fares starting from just $37 one way, traveling by train is also a cheap travel option.

What is there to see and do in Paris?

Aside from famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame, there's plenty in Paris to see and do. Whether you want to head off the beaten path in Paris and visit some of the city's lesser known museums or discover its cafes and have a breakfast of coffee and croissants, you won't be disappointed.