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What train companies operate the route from Munich to Paris?

This route is operated by Deutsche Bahn AG (ICE and/or TGV services).

What is the schedule for the train route from Munich to Paris?

The typical range of departure times is 3:23 AM until 10:50 PM. The fastest routes are dramatically faster than the other options, and these depart at 6:30 AM, 8:28 AM, and 4:28 PM.

What are the departure and arrival train stations for the route from Munich to Paris?

Trains depart from München Hauptbahnhof, and trains arrive at Gare de l’Est.

What distance is the train route from Munich to Paris?

The total distance of the journey is nearly 500 miles.

How long does it take to travel from Munich to Paris by train?

The fastest route takes 5 hours 35 minutes. Other common routes can take up to 10.5 hours.

What are the stops on the train route from Munich to Paris?

On the fastest route, the intermediate stops are München-Pasing, Augsburg Hauptbahnhof, Ulm Hauptbahnhof, Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (transfer point), Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof, and Gare de Strasbourg.

Why should you travel by train from Munich to Paris?

Passengers will travel through beautiful German and French countryside, while having the options to read, sleep, or watch the passing scenery.

What is there to see and do in Paris?

Paris is known as a city of romance. Couples can enjoy dining in a traditional French restaurant, taking a stroll by the Eiffel Tower at sunset, as well as experiencing some of the historical sites, including the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Museum.