Discover the City of Angels with Trains from San Francisco to Los Angeles

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Travel guide San Francisco–Los Angeles


A beautiful 12 hour train ride down the California coast allows you to travel conveniently from San Francisco to the city of Los Angeles. Train Company Amtrak offers a daily route to Los Angeles, connecting the two cities with multiple services a day.

What train companies operate the route from San Francisco to Los Angeles?

Currently, only Amtrak operates this service.

What is the timetable for trains from San Francisco to Los Angeles?

There are no direct departures from San Francisco. A bus or bullet train can transfer you to the closest Amtrak terminal, which is in the city of San Jose, starting at 4:30. Their daily operations end at around 10:30 pm.

Which train stations does the service stop at?

The service stops at: San Francisco Transfer Temp Station, San Joaquins – San Jose, CA and Union Station – Los Angeles, CA

How long does it take to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles by train?

It takes, on average, 12 hours to travel this route. The trip may be shorter or longer depending on the amount of time between your transfer from San Francisco to San Jose.

Why should you travel by train from San Francisco to Los Angeles?

While a car, bus, or plane ride may be a shorter commute, you can’t beat the majesty experienced while cruising down the golden coast of California without the distraction of traffic or being trapped on a small airliner.

What is there to see and do in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the land of the stars! Take a stroll down Hollywood or Sunset boulevards for movie studio tours, or shop like a celebrity on Melrose Avenue or Beverly Hills!