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What train companies operate the route from Vancouver to Calgary?

This recreational/vacation route is operated by Canada Rail; there is a combination of train, coach, and shuttle.

What is the schedule for the train route from Vancouver to Calgary?

Departures occur only once every few days, and train activity is seasonal, with departures happening only from April to October.

What are the departure and arrival train stations for the route from Vancouver to Calgary?

Trains depart from downtown Vancouver, and shuttles drop passengers at their desired locations in downtown Calgary.

What distance is the train route from Vancouver to Calgary?

The trains/shuttles travel an overall distance of roughly 500 miles on this route.

How long does it take to travel from Vancouver to Calgary by train?

The estimated time of travel for this recreational route is 9 days.

What are the stops on the train route from Vancouver to Calgary?

Passengers will stop along the way at Kamloops, Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff.

Why should you travel by train from Vancouver to Calgary?

This route is incredibly scenic and makes a great family vacation opportunity and/or romantic getaway for couples. The train route passes through the great Rocky Mountains, passes waterfalls, canyons, gorges, and more.

What is there to see and do in Calgary?

Commonly-visited sites in Calgary include Heritage Park Historical Village, Fort Calgary, the Calgary Zoo, Glenbow Museum, Calgary Stampede, Canada Olympic Park, Telus Spark (science museum), Calaway Park, and the Aero Space Museum of Calgary. The nearby Fish Creek Provincial Park offers an excellent outdoors opportunity, with camping and fishing.