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A Kenyan woman became viral after (badly) editing herself into other people’s holiday snaps, but, her new found fame has landed her the chance to go on a dream trip of her own.

Sevelyn Gat couldn’t afford a holiday to visit Asia, so decided to photoshop herself into other people’s travel photos at various landmarks. She started her virtual trip on February 29, with a photo of herself in front of a plane (edited), adding the caption “I have left the country to China.”

Her bad Photoshop attempts have prompted others to join in with their own edits of where they think Sevelyn Gat is now, along with the hashtag #WhereIsSeveGatsNow

A businessman, Sam Gichuru, has reportedly offered to pay for her trip to China – as long as she promises no more Photoshop.

Gat has applied and received her birth certificate and is now applying for her passport so she can jet off on a trip of a lifetime. We’re looking forward to the correct travel photos!

IMG: Sevelyn Gat/ Facebook

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