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A couple of WOW air staff busted out an impromptu performance and showcased their break-dancing skills for San Francisco.

Wow air just keep impressing us with their fantastic branding and social media content – it sure looks like they are the cool kids on the block (or maybe ‘ in the airport’ is more accurate).

They caught our attention in November with their sweet little gesture to de-ice the cars of sleeping Icelandic residents.

And they caught the travel news headlines a few weeks ago when they announced they will start offering new flights to Iceland from Los Angeles International San Francisco International Airport from a stunning low price of $99 each way.

But for now – they are showing us that they are an airline with personality, and that is clearly epitomized in their staff.

Whilst in San Francisco promoting their new flight routes to Iceland and other European cities two of their flight hostesses who were at the event amazed the crowd with their fun dance moves and infectious energy.

Luckily for us it was caught on video and you can see the two ladies in action below.

IMG: WOW / Flickr cc.

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