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On Tuesday SeaWorld said that 35-year-old killer whale is battling an incurable bacterial infection in his lungs. The huge creature has become increasingly lethargic in the past few weeks and with no cure for the infection, it is feared that Tilikum is approaching his last weeks.

Tilikum is the largest marine mammal living in a zoological park, and was the center of a CNN documentary “Blackfish” which revealed the dark side of killer whale captivity (especially in SeaWorld). Tilikum has been involved with three deaths, most recently being trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010.

SeaWorld ensure that Tilikum is receiving the best care, medication and treatment available, “It has been our duty and passion to make sure we give him the utmost care we possibly can,” Daniel Richardville, animal training supervisor, said in a statement.

SeaWorld park in San Diego announced it will end its killer whale shows at the end of this year, and will replace them with a more ‘natural’ show of the animals.

IMG: Shamu Show Sea World by San Diego Shooter / Flickr cc.

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