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The Mannequin Challenge is taking over social media and not a day goes by without a new video of people or pets taking it on. Now, a number of airlines have also got involved! 

The Mannequin Challenge involves those taking part being filmed in a number of positions, whilst staying as still as possible – hence the title. As backing music, Rae Sremmurd’s song Black Beatles features.

Its been taken on by everyone from groups of friends to well trained dogs, and now a number of airlines have also gotten in on the action! Each has taken a unique and different approach – from Virgin Atlantic showing us around its business class cabin, to Spirit Airlines’ efforts in getting an entire plane load of passengers to take part.

Check out the videos below and let us know – who did it better?!


Virgin Atlantic



Spirit Airlines



American Airlines









Airports are also giving it a go on a larger scale, with Denver Airport managing to capture the entire airport, from arrivals to departures, to take part:

Denver Airport



IMG: YouTube Screenshot

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