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Traveling is amazing, there’s nothing better than seeing a world wonder up close and personal from all angles. But one angle that we never see is a bird’s eye view of these landmarks. What do they look like from above?

Instagram is filled with near identical images of famous landmarks around the world, and all taken from the same point of view. But thanks to a new photo and video sharing site – Dronestagram – we can now see a rare bird’s –eye view of even the remotest landscapes in the world.

As the name suggests this is the drone community coming together and making their own version of Instagram, but instead of the narcissistic “woke up like this” selfie s you will find beautifully rare views of the world.

With 30,000 users uploading aerial images of everything from ancient mausoleums in northern China to capturing the moment a diver launches himself from a cliff in Mexico.

Watch the Drone-vid of Switzerland below, it might even inspire you to book a your next flight.

IMG: MyFrozenlife / Flickr cc.

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