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This suite is pretty amazing… not to mention super luxurious. It’s not likely we’ll be riding in this First Class Suite anytime soon but we wanted to give you a peek inside, just in case you’re flying Emirates and decide you’d like to upgrade. Ready to take a look?

Emirates has just unveiled its new first class suites for its Boeing 777-300 planes and they’re total game-changers. Think luxury hotel… except better. The suites were inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and feature a zero-gravity seat that is enclosed within floor-to-ceiling sliding doors so you can have complete privacy while you fly.

There’s a lot about these suites that we’ve never seen another airline do, like virtual windows with HD projections of the outside world, so you can see out even if you’re in the middle-aisle suite! Each passenger gets their own pair of Hydra Active pyjamas, binoculars and Bulgari amenity kits. Plus, each passenger can control the temperature in their suite and adjust the lighting to fit their needs.

Why not experience a little touch of luxury the next time you book flights to Dubai?



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