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Missing a flight is up there among the biggest travel concerns for many. Thanks to this handy app, it doesn’t need to be a worry any more! App in the Air allows travelers to keep an eye on the status of their flight, acting as a “personal flight assistant”.

Missing your flight is never great – but it happens to the best of us. This app is aiming to make that much less likely, by keeping travelers up to date with the status of their flight as well as providing other useful information.

App in the Air covers four stages of the travel process: check-in, boarding, take-off and landing. If anything changes concerning your flight, the app will let you know. Don’t have internet? Not a problem, as you can also receive notifications by text message.

You’ll also find other handy information including details about the airports you’ll travel through: as well as weather and currency info, there are also tips from fellow travelers on where to find free wi-fi and the best places to eat – so no more dodgy airport meals! Advice as to how long each part of the check-in process will take is included too – from security to passport control.

The app aims to work as your “personal flight assistant”, making the travel process less stressful and more organized.

Looking for another essential travel tool? Check out the app for Android or on iTunes!

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