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As if we needed another reason to put Norway on our travel radars, this is the coolest thing to happen to this Scandi country’s dining scene all year! Swing by this underwater restaurant on Norway’s southern coast, about 5 hours south of Oslo, for a fun, adventurous dining experience.

The firm undertaking the restaurant’s construction, Snøhetta, is dubbing it the “first underwater restaurant in Europe.” The restaurant will be very appropriately named Under, and consists of a building half-sunken 16 feet into the sea, with a 36-foot floor to ceiling window to allow diners to look out at Norway’s coastal sea life while they’re dining. What a cool experience to add to your trip when you book flights to Oslo!

On top of an 80-100 person dining restaurant, the building will also house a small marine research center and the concrete exterior will serve as an artificial mussel reef.

The menu is yet to be set, but we can guess that they’ll be plenty of seasonal and local seafood dishes on there!



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