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Construction on the world’s newest ‘mega-airport’ is already underway in Beijing, China. The airport, called Beijing Daxing Airport, is located 42 miles south of the city center but thanks to high-speed train access, will just be minutes away from centrally-located hotels and attractions!

This place will be massive. We’re talking 18 square miles massive and is costing an astonishing $12.1 billion to build. Beijing officials estimate that the airport will serve 45 million passengers initially, but will have the capacity to accommodate 100 million eventually traveling on flights to Beijing and onwards to other destinations.

The airport’s steel structure is made up of no less than 57,000 tons of steel and 56.5 million cubic feet of concrete. So far, two major airlines have signed up to be based there and the expected opening date is sometime in 2019. When the airport does open, it will be one of the biggest airports in the world, along with Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International and London Heathrow Airport.


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