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Airport delays are big news right now as passengers are required to wait literally hours just to get through security, with many missing flights because of it. So, which airports are the worst in the U.S.?

Despite promises by the TSA and airlines to tackle the problem of long waits at the airport, some passengers are deciding to just cancel and skip air travel altogether this summer. And can you blame them?

1 in five of 2,500 U.S. residents polled in a new survey by the U.S. Travel Association said they would either take ground transportation instead of dealing with the long lines at the airport. But if you DO want to take your chances at the airport this summer, has put together a “misery index” to help travelers gauge how long they’ll have to wait at the airport.

Which airports are the worst for on time summer travel?

  1. Newark Liberty International Airport (68.4%)
  2. San Francisco (68.4%)
  3. New York – La Guardia (79.3%)
  4. Chicago – O’Hare (72.7%)
  5. New York – Kennedy (73.4%)
  6. Boston (74.5%)
  7. San Juan (74.6%)
  8. Washington – Reagan (74.8%)
  9. Washington – Dulles (75.1%)
  10. Fort Lauderdale (75.1%)

So if you are wondering where you need to take off from to depart on time, the best airports for summer on time travel are Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Phoenix and Orange County.

Are you planning to fly this summer?

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