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When choosing where to travel, cost is almost always a factor. If you’ve ever wondered where the cheapest place for a city break is – read on!

Airport transfer company Hoppa has compiled a list of the cheapest – and most expensive – cities in the world. The results take into account the cost of a one night stay in the city, including a hotel room, food, drink, entertainment and a taxi ride.
The cheapest city in the world? Sofia in Bulgaria! The European city grabs the title of being the world’s most affordable destination for a city break, with a one night stay costing just £38.21 ($47.48).
In second place is Cairo, Egypt while rounding off the top 3 is Cartagena in Colombia.

10 Cheapest City Breaks In The World

  • Sofia, Bulgaria – £38.21 ($47.48)
  • Cairo, Egypt – £39.09 ($48.57)
  • Cartagena, Colombia – £39.70 ($49.30)
  • Bucharest, Romania – £43.87 ($54.48)
  • Antalya, Turkey – £43.97 ($54.61)
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia – £44.89 ($55.75)
  • Kiev, Ukraine – £46.73 ($58.03)
  • Manilla, Philippines – £46.90 ($58.23)
  • Mexico City, Mexico – £50.62 ($62.90)
  • Sliema, Malta – £51.64 ($64.13)


On the other end of the scale, Zurich was revealed to be the most expensive city in the world to spend a night, with the total cost a much higher £170.43 ($211.54). New York wasn’t far behind with a one night stay costing £157.29 ($195.23).

When it comes to drink prices, beer lovers may want to head to head to Manila in the Philippines, or Cambodia’s Siem Reap – in both locations, a pint costs just 38p (47 cents).

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