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If you love free food (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) or airline food, we’ve got some great news: Delta is set to bring back free meals on a number of US flights!

The airline announced last week that it plans to offer free meals on 12 domestic routes including New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco. This means Delta will become the only U.S. carrier offering free nose to tail meals on coast to coast routes.

March 1 will see the complimentary meals offered on the routes mentioned above, while on April 24 the initiative will be rolled out across a further 10 domestic routes including Boston to San Francisco and Seattle to Fort Lauderdale.

So what exactly will travelers be able to enjoy on board with Delta? Well, depending on the time of day the flight takes place, there’ll be breakfast sandwiches, fruit and cheese plates, vegetable wraps and more.

IMG: Delta

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