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Cherry blossom season provides one of Japan’s most stunning natural phenomena, with thousands flocking to destinations across the country to check out the trees in full bloom. This year, it’s arrived a little early in Kawazu, Japan and the photos are absolutely beautiful.

Earlier this year, the Japan Meteorological Corporation released its first cherry blossom forecast, predicting that the season would begin in late March.

However Kawazu, a town on the coast of the Izu Peninsula, has already seen an abundance of blossoms this year as the trees have begun to bloom around one month early!

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Tokyo isn’t set to see its cherry blossoms begin to bloom until March 22, while cherry blossoms in Kyoto are predicted to flower on March 27. For those who eagerly await the colorful season and happen to have found themselves in Kawazu this week, the early blossoming was a dream come true.

Kawazu’s cherry blossoms are known for the vibrant pink color and, as expected, Instagram has gona crazy for the early blossom. If you want to experience the country’s infamous cherry blossom trees for yourself, it’s time to book those flights to Japan!

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IMG: kawazu-sakura cherry blossoms, Matsudayama, shuzo serikawa / Flickr cc.

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