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If you’ve ever wondered about what you can take on board your next flight, TSA has the answer: via its Instagram account, the agency is answering queries and highlighting prohibited items in a hilarious way!

More often than not, the TSA makes headlines for causing long lines at the airport – although these are getting shorter.

Online, however, things move a lot faster: travelers are encouraged to get in touch with the TSA via Twitter or Facebook to pose queries regarding travel, as well as what you can and can’t take with you on board – and can generally expect a speedy response.

The TSA also has an Instagram account, and it makes for some pretty hilarious viewing! You can expect regular snaps of items which they’ve confiscated, as well as queries from travelers wondering what they can and cannot take with them in their carry on luggage.

Among other things, the TSA has confiscated:

This jawbone tomahawk, which should be checked in  

A photo posted by TSA (@tsa) on

This concealed comb knife

  A photo posted by TSA (@tsa) on

And just in case you were wondering…

A photo posted by TSA (@tsa) on

Head over to the TSA Instagram account for more bizarre discoveries.

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