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Vacation time is precious: whether it’s a long weekend in the US, or a two week jaunt further afield, it’s a great way to unwind and see a different part of the world. However a new survey has found that 72% of Americans take one day off per year just to catch up on sleep!

The study, carried out by Wakefield Research for Princess Cruises, found that overwhelmingly, Americans are not using their vacation time to actually go on vacation but rather to catch up on sleep and run errands – in fact, a whopping 68% admitted to using a vacation day for something other than an actual vacation!

54% said they used vacations days to address personal obligations – such as going to the dentist, dealing with family emergencies or going to the doctor.

It seems that increasingly, it’s all work and no play with 42% feeling guilty about taking time to relax, and almost a quarter (22%) feeling that asking for time off work is more stressful than asking for a pay rise!

With so many great reasons to travel, it could be time to use those vacation days and head off on a trip to de-stress and relax.

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